The Bratz Doll
By Frederic Neema/ Gamma
Van Nuys, CA
For decades, Barbie has been the reigning queen of fashion dolls, but all has changed when the Bratz dolls hit the market in 2001. Their edgy, stylish and “cool” look immediately seduced the pre-teen girls between 8 and 12 years old who saw in them what they want to become.

The Bratz doll has become one of the top selling dolls in the world and has won many toy industry awards. Over 100 million dolls have been sold to date. The dolls have over-sized heads with big eyes and plenty of accessories. The main model is 10 inches (25 cms) tall while Mattel’s Barbie is 11.5 inches (28.75cms) tall. They are other models like the Bratz Babyz and the Itsy Bitsy Babyz Bratz.

The Bratz dolls are the first opposition to Mattel’s Barbie since 1959. Bratz dolls have benefited from the same marketing model by companies like Nike. The products are designed according the next craze. Mattel tried to strike back with its My Scene line of dolls.

The Bratz dolls are made by MGA Entertainment, originally a consumer electronics business based in Van Nuys, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Its founder and CEO is entrepreneur Isaac Larian. Because the company is privately owned, accounting data is not available to the public but sales are believed to reach 1 billion dollars. The company also makes large profits through various Bratz licensing programs worldwide.

MGA Entertainement and its team of designers produce an average of 12 Bratz lines a year. They give them catchy names such as Wild West Bratz and the Bratz Forever Diamondz. They also produce a large line of accessories and play sets. The production is sold in the United States and worldwide through major retail chains such as Wal-Mart, Target and Toy’s R Us.

Today, Bratz dolls continue to grow and grab market shares from Barbie despite its higher retail price. It is the number one doll in Australia and nothing seems to stop it.

Frederic Neema

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